To apply for a grant:

To apply for a grant from the Greenfield Foundation, you must be invited by a current trustee.  

In addition to entering all of the information requested below, you must send the following information to

 - A line item budget for the project for which you are applying
 - Quotations from three separate sources for any equipment and/or materials requested from us and outlined in the budget
 - Amount of your agency's endowment, if any, AND the amount of the endowment of affiliated organization and/or foundation, if  any
 - A copy of your organization's audit or statement of income and expenses for the previous two years AND most recent 990, if applicable
 - Agency budget for the current year
 - A copy of the organization's most recent 501(c)(3) determination letter, or other proof of federal tax-exempt status
 - A list of the Board of Directors, their addresses and occupations
 - A letter signed by the President/Chairman of the Board or the Principal of the school authorizing submission of the proposal
 - If applicable, letters of agreement from collaborating organizations


1. Legal name of organization (this must match IRS exemption letter)

2. Physical address and mailing address

3. Website

4. Contact name and title

5. Contact email address

6. Telephone number

7. Amount of mone requested for this grant application and total cost of the project

8. In no more than three sentences describe how the grant funds will be used

9. Mission of organization, primary goals, and recent major accomplishments of the organization

10. Project Description - description must, at a minumum, address the number of clients to be served by this grant

11. The community need met by the proposal

12. What other local agencies or services address the same problem(s) and how they do so - a statement of how your approach differs from or augments these services

13. Plan for output measurement: the direct product of program operation e.g. number of classes taught, number of participants served

14. Plan for outcomes measurement: the benefit to participants during or after participating in the program

15. A timetable and/or work plan for the project  - If your project/program will cost more than you are requesting from us, indicate how you will fund the balance.  Show any in-kind support, other grants applied for, and/or funds already received on your project budget

16. If the program is ongoing, indicate a plan for continuing to fund the project after the inital grant period is over

17. Who is the Greenfield Foundation Trustee inviting you to apply for this grant?


Bob And Louise Greenfield
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