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The Greenfield Foundation, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, funds charitable initiatives devoted to improving quality of life. The foundation originates and participates in innovative projects which have a ripple effect beyond the immediate impact of the expenditures.


The Goldsmith-Greenfield Foundation was founded in 1991 by Robert K. Greenfield and Louise Greenfield. The Alexis Rosenberg Foundation was founded in 1983. The two foundations merged to become the Greenfield Foundation in 2005.


Greenfield Foundation is devoted to making the world a better place by originating and funding innovative programs that further the following three goals:


1. Creating opportunities for the success of young people by supporting their health and well-being, and giving them access to education and experiences;


2. Encouraging artwork, especially that which can improve our collective understanding of social issues; and


3. Making our governing institutions more ethical and effective.

Bob And Louise Greenfield
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